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This October I really wanted to bring together multiple people for a post. Since it was my first time shooting multiple people, I knew I wanted to do it with close friends and that I trusted to get up hella early. So I made an invite with strict rules to follow for the vision I was trying to go for.


This photo shoot was truly inspired by the promos for American Horror Story: Coven with a “bad bitch” mentality. I wanted these photos to exude attitude but all while showcasing the mysticism, fashion, design and motion. But let me tell you, if you’re one person that knows how to take pics and still wants to be IN the photos…BRING SOMEONE WITH YOU. It was so difficult trying to take individual photos of everyone and still get myself in the group shots but without the help of my cousin Bryan @bryanebustos_ none of these would even be possible.


I took these photos in October 13th and took me 2 weeks to really edit them down along with motion posts for [almost] each model. However the feedback in my DM’s people were sending me were so overwhelmingly encouraging and I hope this inspires another amateur designer out there to make their own coven shoot!

Model Credits: @hillsofsignal @ebbys_world @hip_ee @warerusabrinaaa @nikitabanana @wanderlust_chic_ana @c.neeli.e