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Ok I know we’re in a pandemic and we’re all doing our part by social distancing and self quarantining but that doesn’t mean we can’t plan for post-pandemic trips. Especially with all this extra time, RIGHT?
We were on a hunt for a Secret Swing (@secretswings) here by Mt Wilson. The swing itself was cut down, so we had to improvise and started to explore the surrounding area and we came across this amazing vantage point of Los Angeles the surrounding cities.
Good thing I brought my moon lamp because we were able to explore glows and lighting under sunset & dusk lighting. If you’re looking to come to this location

34°13’32.8″N , 118°04’06.9″W

You’re going to have to park by the entrance of the observatory gate, make sure you feel comfortable parking your car on a undesignated parking location.

Then walk down a path for like 5-8 minutes, this path has this white gate so that cars don’t go through. Don’t be afraid that you can’t go through that path it’s actually a road that leads to a hiking path.

Then you’ll get to a clearing where you’ll see a large metal box and behind it is this location with a bunch of rocks pointing at an angle towards the cities.
It’s quite a hidden gem, especially at sunset after a nice rainy day! PSA Please be respectful of the location, I know you see tagging on the metal box but don’t be those people. Let’s have nice things for future photographers lol.
Edwin (@ejcordova_)
Alex (@dudecalledbustos)
Bryan (@smooooth_jazzz)