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I came across this exhibition on IG known as:

SECOND HOME SERPENTINE PAVILION” at the La Brea Tar Pits by SelgasCano.

There wasn’t a lot of influencers at the time that have been there and best of all it was FREE. Yall know I love FREE. Say it with me, *whispers* FREE lmao. So of course I had to come up with something amazing to really contrast the beauty of the space but also exude the iridescence onto the subjects.

The beauty of doing shoots, is that I get to hit up friends to help me achieve each post. So as yall already know my friend Eileen (@e.ileen.c) was down to go but I felt we needed an extra face to make it a little more interesting but also I have never done a post with more than 2 people lol. So our friend Heather (@hdee_) was able to company us and give this shoot another energy and look.

However when coming up with an animation for it we really wanted something that would cap off summer and bring it to a close. So every year I always use the phrase “Summertime Sadness” because for one I hate summer because I can’t stand the heat lol but also I’m sad when it’s over because it only means Daylight Savings is coming and it’ll get darker sooner. 🙁

So these were our best shots and our interpretation of summertime sadness.