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Cozy Dream

Have you ever woke up and didn’t feel groggy, or forced to get up? You wake up just so willingly, effortnessly and everything just feels right, that you have time to ACTUALLY make a nice hot cup of tea.

We decided to capture that moment with a dream-like feel where I can evoke the coziness of waking up in your favorite sweater, admiring the morning dew and the joy of cupping that warm cup in your hands.


Manzanita Green Cottage
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Ok so we tried to take advantage of the sunrise of this place because it was just that magical. It gave us the FEELS and then it got brighter and dream like with our cozy sweaters from H&M and ASOS. This isn’t an ad but a lot of people ask us where did we get our clothes from lol. Sometimes I wish I had a fashion designer friend where they can make certain designs come to life to further the editorial feel lol. However I hope we achieved that feel for you and let us know what you think!
Model Credits: @e.ileen.c