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Every year, February 14th comes along and I always get excited because of all the cool crafts people can do this one time a year. So I thought this year I would combine my love for DIY’s, photography and fashion into a monochromatic aesthetic, basically I had rose-colored glasses when making this shoot lol.
I hit up my friend Eileen (@e.ileen.c) and she said she had the perfect dress so we hit the town to three distinct locations:

1. Cafe Carrera
2. Paul Smith Pink Wall
3. Ivory on Sunset

We lucked out that Cafe Carrera is right across from the Paul Smith Pink Wall and we were there for sunset. As you can see the sun glow on the body image truly gives it that extra touch the photo needed. Unfortunately Ivory on Sunset was having a Grammy’s outdoor party so we were sat inside but we made do with what we were given.
I thought we could be a lot more fun and quirky with this shoot. I had this conversation about the D and how everyone says it now, so I thought why not wish it for everyone on this day LMAO. I still wanted it to look fashion forward so I dressed up in all pink and work a monochromatic look but with a twist and this was the result.