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I was just randomly watching my IG stories and I stumbled upon a photographer I truly admire, known as Paige Tingey (@paige_tingey). She posted that she was co-hosting a small photography workshop at the Yosemite with another great photographer Sterling Galli (@sterfrygalli). Let me just tell you what convinced me was this beautiful post she posted and I was ALL IN (Paige’s Post).
I signed up and on October 31st I met 9 complete strangers and now I have 9 incredibly talented friends. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better group to be as hospitable, talented, and willing to learn as I was. My favorite place of the whole 4 day trip had to be:

Taft Point
37.7130° N, 119.6046° W @ Sunset

The trees truly looked magical on our hike to the coordinates. The sun inspired the whole shoot as it enchanted the forest with it’s warmth and color. I really wanted you to feel what I saw and see the magic that is the Yosemite. Let me know if you want to learn more about other locations from our trip!
Model & Pic Credit:
Kirsten (@kirstenmoorecreative) | Ka’eo (@kaeo.y) | Bryan (@bryanxbennett) | Sterling (@sterfrygalli) | Paige (@paige_tingey | Kevin (@kev.wolf) | Vache (@vache.in.focus) | Justin (@obsdyn) | Olivia (@oliviawithall)